Inspired by the MathBlogosphere

Started in response to the “Mission #1: The Power of The Blog”   this post is on the prompt “What is one thing that happens in your classroom that makes it distinctly yours?”

I have been a  mathematics teacher for past 23 years…sounds like a very long time (it is !). Teaching has kept me young at heart , each year is a different challenge- the students have changed dramatically over the past few years.They need excitement and challenge in the class.

Over the past few years I have followed many blogs and lurked around in the Blogosphere learning from the tried and tested ideas of many.Among many ideas that have worked (which I will share in the later posts ) what has worked very well has been inspired by Math Mistakes 

The presentations(Learn from your Mistakes )made with the pictures of the  mistakes done by my students in examination have proved to be an effective exercise in reviewing the concepts of students.With some slides inserted in between with some silly caption/cartoon the message gets delivered but doesn’t hurt any one. No names are taken but the students are engaged in understanding the error and the correction of the same.They also identify and learn to accept when a mistake is a “careless” mistake and when its a “conceptual” error.

I do hope to continue with this practice and am encouraging other teachers to do the same as well.


4 thoughts on “Inspired by the MathBlogosphere

  1. This is a great first post! I’m very excited to learn from your experience!

    I also try to draw a distinction for my students between mistakes and conceptual errors. I cite it as the reason why I NEED them to show their work.

  2. That is a great idea. I get so frustrated that the kids seem to make the same mistakes over and over even when I have pointed the mistake out several times. This sounds like a great way to help kids find the mistake on their own. We are using a new textbook by Carnegie Learning and they have sample work for students to analyze. We did it once already and the kids really struggled with it. Doing this more often would be very useful.

  3. Welcome aboard! Good for you to join in. I finally started blogging this summer and just jumped into the twitterverse this week. 27 years for me now and I hope I’m still learning everyday

  4. Sangeeta,
    So wonderful to hear from you! It is fabulous that you have joined the MTBoS from India. I taught there from 1994 to 1996. My heart remains.

    Yours, Amy in Northern California

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