A Word of Encouragement Matters


In order to control the pollution level in New Delhi , the city is following traffic regulations where only odd numbered (four wheeled) vehicles can be on the road on the event dates and the even numbered on the even dates.This is an experiment which started on Jan 1 , 2016 and will last till Jan 15, 2016. All schools of Delhi are closed for this duration.

My class 12 students are preparing for their Pre Board exams which are scheduled to start from Jan 16 and my grade 11 students are enjoying the extended winter break.

Almost a year back I made a simple video on proof of Binomial theorem for my class 11 , this was to ensure that students can revisit the proof any time they want. I had uploaded it on YouTube and shared it with my students through Edmodo and then completely forgot all about it.

Last week from nowhere I get this lovely comment/ message from a stranger :


This message just made my day! This one good thing has enthused me to go on with my little efforts to reach out to the students and help them in which ever way I can.


2016 Making a Fresh Start

As the saying goes ‘the New Year resolutions are made to be broken’ , that explains my one post blog started in 2013.

But wait…will this one also die the similar death???Hope not ! I have not made any resolution this year and I am writing this post awakened by the #MTBoS initiaitive


So much has happened in the last two years and I have learned so much more, so hopefully I will have something to share as we go along.

Inspired by the MathBlogosphere

Started in response to the “Mission #1: The Power of The Blog”   this post is on the prompt “What is one thing that happens in your classroom that makes it distinctly yours?” I have been a  mathematics teacher for past 23 years…sounds like a very long time (it is !). Teaching has kept me young at heart […]